Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I really didn’t mean to “miss” March!

All I can say is tax season seems to get tougher every year!  The older Lexi gets the more there is to do with her and by the time we get her to bed, I’m usually not too far behind.

As I’ve said over and  over, I hate to not blog.  So I’m going to at least put some photos up  of the past month that never made it to a post.

Here’s some eclectic photos of Lj style.  This one she has her eyes closed but it’s the best one of the “over-all” outfit!

IMG_5043 IMG_5045

Although this wonderful outfit is a hoot to look at.  I actually think our girl has it just right.  Afterall, the weather here is so nutty.  It’s been cold, hot, wet, and springy.  She’s got all the right clothes on for those elements.


And of course later, she had a great time trying to wear her daddy’s shirt!


Yea… this one is extra special too!


I couldn’t help but post these.  They are the perfect photos that show Lexi’s current personality.  Yea… all over the place.  We’re finding 4 to be quite a difference.  She thinks she is really grown now and even told me not too long ago as we were heading to McDonald’s for a quick dinner that I didn’t have to order for her anymore…”MOM!  I’m a big girl now and I can order for myself!”


And this is a common view… running somewhere like a crazy child.


And stop on a dime and pull out the “I don’t like what you just said or did face”. 


And instantly back to the “I’m the Princess of the castle” mood!



For St. Patrick’s Day, we made these cute Green Baskets for her teacher and her helper from an idea on Pinterest.  It was fun trying to find a bunch of green stuff to give them.  And Lexi signed her name at the bottom of the card.  She now can write BOTH her first and last name thanks to Ms. Linda!


The weekend of St. Patrick’s day Grandma and YeYe came down from Va. and then we all packed in the car and headed to FL. to see Gran Gran and Poppa.  While we were there we went to the zoo. 








And Lexi’s favorite thing of the month… a new puppy.  We’ve been on the look out for a new addition for a little over a month.  We went through several tries before we found the perfect match.

Introducing… Coconut!


She’s a miniature schnauzer and was born on Jan. 26th.  It’s a wonder the dog doesn’t have multiple personalities since she went through so many name changes.  I wanted to name her Lucy or Lacy but Geoff and Lexi decided on Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) but just listening to Lexi try to say Belle in one syllable was too funny.  When she said it, it was always two syllables!  (true little Southern girl!) So we added Anna to it and called her Anna Belle.  But that didn’t stick.  So then Geoff decided Lacy wasn’t so bad and got Lexi to agree that she would be Lacy.  Now all along, Lexi had been wanting a dog named Coconut.  She even begged me  . . . “Mom can I have a little puppy, a tiny little black one, and I promise I will take good care of her and feed her and give her water and take her for walks and play with her and I want to name  her coconut.”.  This was before we actually told her we were looking. 

Well, we took her for a surprise trip Sunday before last and went to pick out the dog.  She picked out Coconut.  And even after they agreed to name her Lacy, Lexi went to school and told everyone that she had a new dog and her name was Coconut.  Her daddy tried as he hard as he could but in the end… the 4 year old got her way.  

Needless to say, Coconut and Lexi are best friends!



And now daily romps in the backyard are the best thing next to Daddy coming home from work!  They play chase and run and believe me Coconut has enjoyed her new home.






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