Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Spring Break Day 2 ~ Slow and Easy just like we like it!

Lexi and I didn’t manage to get much done today except some laundry and a little housework.  Mostly we played with the puppy.  At naptime all three of us piled into bed and took a nap. That’s quite an accomplishment for a Mom, 4 year old and a puppy!  After naptime, we went to Mom’s to get Daddy’s old wheelbarrow.  Lexi and I want to plant in it.  But once we got home, I had to attend to dinner so we didn’t get as far as planting. 

I’m really proud of little Lj!  I’ve been cooking lighter lately and she’s been a champ.  She’s tried everything and has loved it all. Who knew I could get her to eat a fruity chicken salad!  And tonight, she ate grilled shrimp with zucchini “tots”.  (Another find from Pinterest!)

After dinner, we were running short on time so I asked Lexi to give the dog a bath.  She jumped right on that!  The puppy is so tiny and not smelly or even really dirty for that matter but we want to get her used to getting baths regularly as well as being brushed.  So Lexi and Coconut took a bath!  I have to say, Coconut took it all in stride!  She even got bathed in Lexi’s Dora soap!



Now, Lj’s in bed, Coconut is sleeping next to me and I’m about to call it a night myself! 

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