Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Spring Break ~ Day 3

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to “I want chocky-milk and t-B”!  I’d prefer to have it come later in the morning but still it’s good, very good!  I had a dr. appt. today (as most teachers do on days off) so Lexi was with Mom much of the day but this afternoon… Coconut got a work out with Lexi and the boys!




Coconut is certainly a perfect new addition to the family!  Even Sable would approve.  Now if only we could convince Mean Muffin to leave the puppy alone!

Oh and did I mention… we will most likely need more skirts, shorts, dresses, and sand for the sand box since Coconut is SUCH a Puppy!  She totally put holes in Lexi’s skort today!  But still… she is such a great sport with little kids!

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