Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Dating Game

It's chilly tonight in the southeast! It's really a big deal as we run our air conditioners most of the year. We don't really get 4 seasons. We get warm and hot most of the year. Well with a chill in the air, Geoff felt sorry for Sable and Patches because we recently had them groomed and we always keep their hair very short. So he broke out their sweatsuits. I can't help it, it just makes me laugh to see them in doggie clothes. However, once they were dressed, I immediately thought of Pirate (Stephe's adorable little pup!) He gets to dress up all the time and he is just plain adorable!

So Pirate... let's play the dating game! Would you rather go out with Sable???

Or Patches???

Sable has the little pouting thing going . Neither girls have much dating experience. Sable loves to play with doggie toys. She is very independent except for her slightly un-natural fixation on one toy at a time habit. (Hopefully if chosen as Pirate's cyber-date, she won't turn into a stalker-dog!) Sable is more of a Southern Belle in distressed type as she often will see if someone will feel sorry for her and put her on the bed so that she doesn't have to expend much energy and jump up on her own. Her best asset is her beautiful, cute face!

Patches has the coy "check me out!" look going on. She is the snuggling type. She just loves to be cuddled and petted. Patches loves to snatch up Sable's toys and play the "see if you can get it game". She doesn't really like toys, just likes to mess with Sable. She is very smart and can track a squirrel with just a quick sniff but she has the most irritating habit of licking. If she isn't licking herself... she is licking whoever is touching her. Bad habits aside, she is a loyal companion .

So Pirate... what do you think? Need a date?? And can you ever decide between these two gorgeous southern belles?


Susan Rizzo said...

OMG This is to funny... You crack me up. How will Pirate ever decide? Both girls are stunningly beautiful !!!!! Pirate is one lucky little fellow... Hee hee hee....

Susan R

Stephe said...


Pirate's a little under the weather, we have a vet appointment on Monday. Anyway, I gathered him up and we checked out your blog. I must say, my cuddly little sad boy perked up a little!

He said once the doc fixes whatever ails him...he'll have loving for BOTH Sable and Pathces!

His current on and off girlfriends, Cami and Big Momma are the SILENT type. (stuffed animals) so these TWO GIRLS seem VERY EXCITING!!!

Stephe said...

Here's a link directly to pirate if you want...

Your furry babies are just too cute!!!

Wanda and Geoff said...

Sable and Patches send their wishes for Pirate to feel better soon! Geoff on the other hand said I shouldn't be "pimpin" the dogs! LOL!! But Pirate is such a cutie pie I just couldn't help myself. Afterall, he was our ECG Mascot. He deserves a prom queen!


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

YOu guys need help. LOL!
Too funny.
Hope Pirate is feeling better soon Stephe.

Shannon S said...

What a fun post! Thanks for putting a smile on my face! However will Pirate choose?!

Kim M. said...

They are just too darn cute. I can't imagine Pirate being a woman dog!