Saturday, November 25, 2006

We're Home!

We got in last night from Vegas. We had a great time but it's always nice to come home. I wish I had some good pictures but I don't. We've got to get a better camera. All of my pictures are too dark. Still, we did as usual and really didn't take that many. We went to see Lance Burton Tuesday night. It was fabulous. They even updated our seats to give us a better view. And of course, we went back to the Barbary Coast and listened to Big Elvis. Geoff and I have seen his act 3 times now. I was disappointed that his side kick Goldie wasn't there. After the show I went up to one of the show members and found out that she died this past summer. How sad! You could tell that she loved what she did. They gave me a signed picture from Big Elvis. (Believe it or not, he's lost weight since we saw him last fall! Same great voice though!) We opted to not wait in the long, long. long line at the Belliago for Thanksgiving Dinner. So this year, no turkey! We had dinner at Margaritaville instead. My big find for the trip was the cute little pj set from Baby Gap along with the pink TuTu and magic wand. I can just imagine Lexi running around pretending that she is a ballerina.

And now that we are home, this has been my spot all afternoon... reading a book that is supposed to help me with my dissertation SINCE I'm revising yet, ONCE AGAIN!!

Oh, as far as Geoff's tattoo... not. We took a taxi all the way to Hart and Huntington at the Palm's Hotel. The tatoo he would have gotten without Lexi's name on it was between $400 - $600 dollars. Just let me go on record saying "I told him so!!". He could have gotten one a lot cheaper locally. At least common sense won over. So a synopsis of my take on the "bests" of our trip:

Best Free Show: Big Elvis

Best Buffet: The Buffet at Belliago
Best Shopping Mall: The Desert Shops at the Aladdin
Best Free Mood Music: Wayne, the Saxaphone player and his side kick at Houdini's at the Monte Carlo (Wayne's Rules: No boy bands, No girl bands, No rap, No Celine Dion)
Best Free Dance Music: Some "place" at the New York, New York
Best Way Around Vegas when you don't want to walk: Taxi (for a group, it far beats the monorail!)
Best Eating Value: The Breakfast Deal at the Barbary Coast $3.45 for 2 eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast! Delicious!

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Alyson & Ford said...

We have been planning a trip to Vegas so saved your list of favorites. We have a niece and her DH who live there (and he is a recognized, awarded tatoo artist!!). No tatoos for us!

It seems very expensive to fly & stay there so are still researching when the best time to go.