Saturday, November 18, 2006

Technology, Traffic and Toes!

I've been such a blogger-slacker! Actually, it's not such a bad thing because I've been staying busy. This week I've been away at the Ga. Technology Conference. What a trip this was! Geoff has vowed to never let me go out of town by myself to the big city ever again. I thought it would be a great idea to go stay with my dear friend Samantha (so I could spend time with little DJ and visit with them too). The conference was only an hour away from their house, no big deal right??? Wrong!! It's an hour away without Atlanta traffic. To top things off the night I got there I fell down the last 4 steps of her stairs and broke my toe! I drive stick shift so that was a bit uncomfortable. Plus, I stink at following directions and I kept getting lost. This is where Geoff came in handy because he got me where I needed to go every time I got lost. He ended up being my personal GPS-man. (This is funny to me because this is his initials!) My next car will have a GPS system and will be an automatic. So much for cute and sporty.

After only staying with Samantha one night and dealing with morning and afternoon traffic I opted to get a room close to the conference. (Again hubby to the rescue in getting me a room and helping me find the hotel.) This helped a lot and allowed me more time at the conference with a LOT less time driving. It was just a bit lonely being all by myself but I did learn a lot at the conference and even came home with a few free t-shirts!

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