Sunday, November 19, 2006

We're going to Vegas!

Much to my niece's dismay, we are headed to Las Vegas tomorrow with my sister and brother in law. Jenna just hates that we are going out of town the week of Thanksgiving. Believe me, we have suffered through the "comments" of both Jenna and my mom. (Both say they are just teasing but you know, there is always some truth in comedy) Why this week? It's Carolyn and John's anniversary (15 years I think) and I'm off all week. Why not?? If it hadn't been Las Vegas it would have been the mountains. Carolyn and I would love to be going to the beach but it's not beach season. I think I'm going to take my computer on this trip and practice to see how irritating it is to carry a laptop on the airplane. I think of it as practice for going to China. Last week, I took my computer too but never connected to the Internet (too busy getting lost in traffic and limping on my foot, I guess). Maybe we'll break out of our tradition of taking the camera and then taking no pictures!

It's the night before we leave and I think I am only now getting excited about the trip. Not so for Geoff... he absolutely loves Las Vegas. Why?? I have no idea. He really doesn't gamble that much but he loves to watch others. He'd probably love to go visit the King of Cars with his Blue Genie!! He's been saying that he is going to go to Hart and Huntington and get a dragon tattoo with Lexi's name on it. We'll see if that happens or not. I love the idea because he is not just getting a tattoo for a tattoo's sake. He has actually thought the process out. The Dragon in Chinese is a symbol of strength and protection. Knowing my dear hubby, a tattoo is something he would not do on a whim. It's something that he would do solely for himself. I'll keep you posted.


Donna & Joe said...

Wanda, have fun in Vegas! I love Vegas also, but I'm really not a gambler. $20 in the slot machine and I'm bored. I like to wander around and see the sights and take in the shows.

If you get a chance, see "O" or "Mystere"...both are Cirque shows and both are great!

Donna :)

Kim M. said...

Have a great trip! You deserve it for sure.

Oh thanks for the "Turkey POOP" my kids loved it!!!!