Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Insomnia is cruel. Here it is after 11:00 on a work night and I can't sleep. I probaby could have at 7:00 but I fought it off thinking I'd go to bed early. We did but only Geoff is sleeping. It's amazing how sleepy I can be and then go WIDE awake as soon as I lay down. Ambien CR isn't helping tonight either! My mind is just racing wondering if referrals will ever come out from CCAA. Our agency predicted them last week, then hoped for Monday or Tuesday. Now they are hoping for Thursday or Friday. Everyone is wondering if it's possible that they will make referrals through August but most are saying they will only go through Aug. 24, 06. I know those waiting for the any day now news are just about to lose their minds. I can only imagine how little I will sleep when our turn comes. Then I wonder about Carol, Bill, Manette and Matt. Are they in China yet? Are they in the air? How must that feel knowing that you are just days away from your daughter? I guess I'll go back to bed and see if an episode of American Justice is on A&E. Sometimes that works. I tried a PBS episode called "Capturing the Killer Croc". Got to the end and they didn't capture the blasted thing... so why call it CAPTURING?? I believe when I get like this I could watch the dust bunnies accumulate on the living room floor and still not get bored out of my mind! Night... Night, maybe I'll be sleeping soon.

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