Saturday, January 27, 2007

11 months and Still Waiting...

Today was our 11th month being LID. Sadly, we're still waiting but yet still very excited about our future with Lexi. We were supposed to have our homestudy visit today for the update but we got a call Thursday night telling us that our social worker wouldn't be able to make it and that we are being reassigned to another worker. She called Geoff yesterday and told him to mail all of the update paperwork and then she would set up an appointment with us. The woman we used last time had told us to get the paperwork together and have it when she got her today. I guess this is just differences in their preferences. We have everything done, including Muffin's vet update much to her dismay, and Geoff is going to mail it off on Monday. Hopefully, she will be able schedule us in pretty soon.

I have to admit, today was a tough day. I'm disappointed that our homestudy was postponed and maybe I'm just "pms'ing" a bit. I don't think until I gave up and cried today did I realize that I was disappointed that the social worker wasnt' coming today and that we are still waiting to go to China. I can deal with it and I will but I guess it is okay to admit that waiting is hard. Very hard. I am hopeful though and am thankful that we have reached the 11 month milestone. Our agency is still saying that the wait is around 16 months. We're getting there albeit slowly but yet getting there.

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Shannon S said...

Waiting is very, very, very hard. Yes, we're getting closer. I chant that a million-zillion times...I'll let you know when/if it helps! Happy 11 months down.