Monday, January 22, 2007

Busy Day Paperchasing!

Today was the perfect day to take off of work. They are replacing 19 of the computers in the lab and were installing them today. I figured I'd take off and get as much done as possible on the paperwork for the homestudy update. I began the day with the vet. This was somewhat successful but Muffin messed it up for me. I was taking her to the car and she went nuts! Patches was already in the car more than excited to be taking a trip but Muffin would have nothing to do with it and after an intense struggle... Muffin won. She took off and ran straight for the woods. Needless to say, only Smokey and Patches went to the vet. (Sable already is up to date on her shots.)

I came home and began the rest of the paper chase. I went to a doctor's appt., got the bloodwork done and scheduled Geoff an appointment for Wednesday morning. Then I met Geoff at the police department to get an updated background check. After that I headed over to DFACS to get that paperwork started and headed back to the vet's office to pick up the animals. When I got there I was waiting when I heard a dog barking and suddenly recognized that it was Patches. Every two minutes or so she would bark that "where is my Mommy", "why did she leave me here" and "is she ever coming back" bark. When it was finally my turn, I asked them if they were ready for the "barker" to leave. Then the guy told me that Smokey had pitched a fit too and that they would need two people to get him out of his cage. Apparently, he wasn't too fond of the shots and tried to leave. He ended up with the door to the cage slammed on his head as he tried to bolt and bit his tongue. Poor fellow. He also had tape worms from drinking ditch water. I was amazed that he didn't make a beeline for the woods like Muffin did when I let him out of his kennel. I can't believe the only pet that behaved today was Sable! This is probably only because she didn't have to leave the house. Daddy is taking Muffin on Thursday. Believe me... she WILL be in here kennel before I leave for work.

So to finish the homestudy update we only need Geoff to go to his appt., get Muffin to the vet and make sure the DFACS lady faxes the necessary information to our homestudy agency. Then on Saturday, we have our home visit. I guess we'll have to get our fingerprints done in Atlanta too.

I spent all day running all over town and back and forth two towns over going to the vet. At least we are getting somewhere. I can't wait to get it all behind us! Look at the counter, we're getting oh so close to being 11 months LID!

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Kim M. said...

We have to get refingerprinted. I already did our Medicals. Lets hope this is the last time!!!!