Friday, January 05, 2007

Homestudy Update Time

We have officially begun the homestudy update process. Last night we heard from our HS agency. In Ga. the homestudy is only good for one year. Ours expired late last October. (Opps! We didn't know!) However, weird as it is... our fingerprints are good until early March and our I-797 is good until September. The good news is that right now, we just have concern ourselves with the HS and fingerprint updates. The HS lady told me that she hoped we would travel by September. Whew!! Here I was asking her if she thought we would have to update our HS now and one other time. (I mean, come on the rumor mill .... which includes the Rumor Queen... has the process getting longer and longer with no hope of relief in sight!) I, however, believe that things will speed up even just a little bit. She said that we could file for a new I-797 approval later IF needed.

So even though we have had good news that does not mean that I am NOT stressing over another social worker visit. The SW called today and we have an appointment on the 27th. This should give us time to get new medicals, new local fingerprints, and YES... another visit to our local DFACS for a child abuse clearance form (anyone remember THAT hassle??) and maybe a few other minor things. The packet of what all we have to do is in the mail. STRESS... can you say "YES!" I can't help myself. I've already cleaned out the Entertainment Center in the living room, the hallway closet, taken down the Christmas decorations, the cabinets under the sink in our bathroom and the bathroom closet. YES, it's only been 24 hours since I talked to her. I know without a doubt that she could care less how much junk is stored in my cabinets but you can rest assured that every.single.inch.of.our.home. WILL BE CLEANED by the 27th. I just can't help myself. And I don't think I'm alone. Today I came home and Geoff was vaccuming the house. It's tax season people! Help around the house during tax season is unheard of!! Plus, he didn't even flinch when I gave him a trash bag and told him to clean from under his part of the bathroom sink.

Tomorrow we are working on the garage. I will not be putting things in the attic as I have been barred from going near the attic since I fell through the ceiling (remember the post from last January???). At least we will have some help passing the long month of January. January has always seemed long. As a teacher, we always get paid the last day before Christmas holidays and then don't get another pay check until the last workday of January. Somehow I don't think a long wait between paydays will be a concern this year.

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Dannye said...

Wanda, I am feeling for you, even though our SW is an absolute sweetie, it still makes me nervous thinking that she holds so much "power" over whether or not we get to adopt.

Good luck with updating everything.