Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm sitting here trying to get warm and pretending that I have a fire burning. Yes.. pretending. It's easy with the new Wood Wick Candles. I just love them. I've got two by my fireplace and they crackle more than those fake burning logs do. The temperature is dropping outside and is supposed to get really cold tonight. I know, it's January but come on... just last Saturday it was 80 degrees outside. We really don't get much cold weather here and when we do you can count on it only lasting 2 days at the max.

I've been in blog la-la land. Actually I've been busy doing stuff around the house getting ready for the upcoming social worker's visit and paper chasing for the homestudy update. This part isn't nearly as painful as the first time but still nerve racking for me. I worked on some of the paperwork last night during American Idol... so I completely tuned out the whole show and therefore, had NO CLUE what everyone was talking about today. I have to say though that somehow the new year has brought about a new hope in me... a new anticipation... the feeling that we're on the edge of a new beginning. It feels good. Really, really good.

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Shannon S said...

It's going to be a wonderful year! =)