Thursday, January 18, 2007


Wahoo! Finally I have made some progress! I'm taking off of work on Monday to spend the day collecting papers. I have my doctor's appointment in the PM. I have vet appointments for Patches, Smokey, and Muffin and have been told that I will have the vet letter in my hand when I pick them up. I also plan to get the police letter that day too. Maybe I'll go to the DFACS office too and refuse to leave until I get to speak to the lady who can do our paperwork there. I've called her two days in a row now and left messages. Why is it so hard to get things from them?? They were a major hold up on our original homestudy and the reason we never became foster parents locally with the intent to adopt. And to think people wonder why Americans adopt internationally. Hopefully, we'll have everything we need to give to our social worker on the 26th.
I also got a call today from my advisor. Finally some good news! I so scared that he was going to take my latest draft and shredd it. I had to do some major revisions over the holidays and at the last minute I made some very big changes that will ultimately make it easier for me to do the study. I just knew that he would disagree and have me make it harder. Honestly, I don't think I'm finally getting somewhere because I am getting smarter at it... I think I'm learning to play the game. I'll be sending the minor changes to him by Saturday or Sunday and then my draft will finally make it's way to my program professor! What a milestone!! (Of course with this "high" is a low to follow... he's already prepared me that the program professor will have his version of changes for me to make. That's just how it works. I guess I'm getting good at jumping through hoops!)


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Shannon S said...

Between CCAA's hoops and your school's hoops, you are sure to be able to find work with Cirque de Soleil! =)
You needed pet medicals for your HS??
Hope all went well!