Sunday, December 07, 2008

Babies Update

Our lives have been a lot topsy-turvy since the arrival of Baby Christopher. We've been trying to help the new parents adjust and give them time to settle in. However Baby Christopher had to be put back in the hospital this weekend with dangerous levels of jaundice. He may be there several more days as they try to get the billiruben levels down. When they admitted him last night, it was 24. At the last check it was 15.9. This poor little guy has been through so much! Sara and Chris have been really great dealing with it though. They are wonderful parents and are holding up well in a time of crisis.

In the meantime, Geoff's parents came to visit from their SC house this weekend. They met Brennen for the first time and we spent the afternoon together. After we took him home, they ended bringing him right back for us to keep while the baby is in the hospital. We surely love having him around and enjoy every single second with him but it's unfortunate that it is under these circumstances. Having Grandchildren is a wonderful thing! But I have to admit, it makes me long to have Lexi home even more. You hear Grandparents say all the time that the grand kids are wonderful and that one of the perks is that you can send them home. We don't like to send them home and savor every moment with them. We won't have to send Lexi anywhere. And what a wonderful addition she will be to our family.

Brennen was a bit apprehensive at first and wasn't sure of Geoff's parents at all. But he warmed up quickly and was very entertaining. He especially enjoyed sharing their food and going outside with Great-Grandpa Jake.

So tonight when things settled down, I took a picture of Brennen and emailed this collage above to him Mommy, Daddy and Baby Brother. We are learning so much by having Brennen around so much. He is a wonderful teacher for all the little things we need to know when Lexi arrives!

And speaking of Lexi, referrals are due in anytime. CCAA is really close to our LID. Last month they logged in through Feb. 17th of 06. Our date of course is Feb. 27th. I've pretty much resigned myself that our referral will not come until January. But in just a few days we will be able to enjoy the wonderful words "WE'RE NEXT!!!!" In the meantime, there are two very special boys that we can enjoy extra time with!!


Stephe said...

I'm so glad that the baby is doing well and Brennen just getting keeps getting cuter and cuter!!

Oh, I must point out that your digiscrapping is quite impressive!!! You'll will be the master of it when Lexi gets here!!!

Hoping time flies so you'll see Lexi's face quicker!!! Hugs.

Wanda and Geoff said...

Thanks Stephe! I was so gald to have the baby come home as well!

The digital scrapbooking is fun! I can't wait to have Lexi as my main scrapbooking subject!!