Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chinese 4 Dinner tonight... want to know why????

We had Chinese take-out for dinner tonight in celebration. Take a look at this direct quote we got today from our agency...

"We finally received words from China today that this referral’s cutoff date is 2/23/2006 (from last one-2/17/2006). ******’s next waiting LID is 2/27/2006; so we should have one referral next month."

Guess what???? We ARE that family!!! We are NEXT! Next month when referrals arrive... we SHOULD see our daughter's precious face! We will learn what providence she is from... what orphanage she is at... how old she is... old much she weighs... all those lingering questions, hopes and dreams will finally begin to be answered!
Geoff actually got the email and forwarded it to me. I sat at my desk and felt tears begin to well-up in my eyes. To get this close and know it is amazing. We finally saw some kind of confirmation in black and white!! I could barely contain my joy! Just think, in 3 months (more or less) we could actually be holding our daughter! What a wonderful feeling!
I was just over the moon excited and began to tell my friends at work. I had several ask me if we knew for sure it was next month. Of course, in this journey there is no 100% sure but we have the "feeling" and obviously so does our agency!!! One friend asked me if I felt pregnant yet. We've been "pregnant" for 3 years... so I guess this is early labor!
When we get our referral, I plan to post all the information right outside my classroom door complete with pink balloons! Finally... that light at the end of the tunnel is glowing brighter and brighter!! And I sure feels good!


Yvonne said...

OMG, OMG. OMG!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

Shannon said...

Next! Next! Next! YAY!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I can not believe you didn't tell ME! I am a little weepy, too. I am so, so, so happy for y'all. (((((Wanda)))))