Monday, December 29, 2008

Stork Alert!!

Okay, so I don't THINK we could be anymore excited that this! I couldn't sleep last night for thinking about all things Lexi (and I even dreamed we got the referral and it was a boy!) so I slept in until 10:00 when Geoff called to say he was on his way back home. (There was a power outage in Savannah due to a fire and they closed the office) Then he said, by the way the RQ says the 28th is in and referrals should be arriving soon. THAT WOKE ME UP!! I got up and checked the computer to find that Evelyn in FL was on the phone with her agency! She has a daughter! So we are anxiously awaiting news here... on pins and needles... going nuts and can't function even 3 feet from the phone or the computer!

Ordinarily we could call our agency but since they are CLOSED the best we can do is hope that Mei checks the mail today. So we're bracing for a long labor just in case we don't get the call today. The timing is perfect, Geoff is home unexpectedly and doesn't have to take time off of work. I'm home! The call sheet is ready. The video camera is set up to record my cry-fest! LOL! I even showered in record time this morning! I didn't even shave my legs (which I do religiously every day!!!) Come on phone RING!!!


Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that I love the new look of your blog.

mumma to many said...

I have been watching all day and can't wait to see your referral! Hopefully it comes soon! I can imagine how you are feeling since here in NZ we are always several days behind everyone else!
Hang in there!
Hugs Ruth