Friday, December 19, 2008

Finally!!! Winter Break is here!

Today was the last day of school for two weeks!!! I've had a very busy week building up to this point doing all kinds of stuff. Every year it is a really rough week and this year is no exception. The thing I missed the most about a "routine" week was getting Brennen for a few hours during the week and giving his Mommy a break. I did have my spirits uplifted yesterday though with a surprise visit from Sara and the boys. (Sara and "THE BOYS!"... it just hasn't set in yet that I'm a 2 time Grammie!!!) They had been to Wal Mart to get Christmas photos of the boys made. The sad part is that they both had to wear their Christmas outfits and it's HOT here! Like in the 80's!!! (We're hoping for cooler weather next week... "please Mother Nature!!") I immediately took Bren in and took off his sweater! But while they were here, I couldn't resist trying to get a cute picture of the baby! (I'll admit I took probably 30 pictures to get this perfect one!)

Little Christopher Evan is so tiny. In this picture he is laying in the lap of my Boyd's Bear "Father Kristmas". The bear is about 12 inches tops sitting down. His little 0-3 months outifit given to him by his Great Aunt Carolyn is too big on him but he's so adorable!

Of course, no photo shoot would be complete without a Brennen shot... this is going to be a future digital layout called "Brennen Vs. Lexi's Christmas Tree". He had a hay day with it the day after his brother was born as I loaded the car to go visit them. We've since given up on the tree this year. It's just too tempting for Bren. I had decorated all in red this year for Lexi and the beads were strung perfectly on the tree. I never even got a chance to take a good photo. The best thing I did was decorate with non-breakable ornaments (of which it WAS loaded with pre-Bren!) LOL! We're rethinking the Christmas tree in the toodlers room idea! But isn't he just sooooo cute as he is so tempted and intrigued by the tree???


Yvonne said...

So cute!!! Our little grandson (baby #2) was born this past Wed. the 17th! We are so excited! I know what you mean that it has not sunk in that I have 2 grandchildren!! Have a great holiday - Christmas at your house is going to be just wonderful!

Wanda and Geoff said...

Yvonne, Congrats on your newest grandbaby! I know you are in heaven! I'd love to see some pictures!


Shannon said...

Oh how beautiful those boys are, Grammie! And with your LID next, it's a very special (although hot) Christmas indeed! All the best! =)

Mike and Rhonda said...

Your grands are beautiful!!!!! I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Your special sauce is ALMOST ready! Cannot wait and I know you cannot either.