Sunday, August 02, 2009

On the Eve...

of BACK TO SCHOOL! I hate this night every year. I won't sleep well tonight and will begin letting my mind race about all the things I have to do to get ready. Today, I took a ton of stuff to Mom's to get her set up to babysit. I am sure I've forgotten something. My goal is to have limited things in tow when I bring in the mornings.

Today we took Lexi back to church. We've been out of town a lot lately so it was "new" to her again. But her Nanny just happened to have nursery duty so we knew she was in good hands. I had a pink dress in mind to put on her. It is the first dress I ever bought her a long, long time ago but when I looked in I found a nine months size dress that is sleeveless so I decided to go for that one since she may not get much wear out of it depending on how hot it stays here this fall. It was precious! These pictures don't do it justice. She wore her new dress shoes and her feet just look so big! Anyhow, here's our little cutie!

I love how the back only buttons part the way and you can get a peek-a-boo of those ruffled bottoms.

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monica said...

...and a new haircut to boot. She is a precious girl! Monica

mimi's mommy said...

I hope your first day back was not too traumatic for ANY of you! Thinking of you and your family.

The Reeds,
Carol, Bill and Emily Rose

Miss Lexy said...

Just read your whole blog and Lexi couldn't be cuter :D And I have the same name - Lexie Jayne ^_^