Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Aug. 31st Already???

This one just cracks me up!

I can't believe how quickly June, July and AUGUST have disappeared!! Losing Patches has been hard. We even "see" her in the new commercials for a new drug to help people quit smoking! Sable is Sable and is doing fine as are the cats and even us to some extent but we all have our moments. Our latest thing is to teach LJ that Sable is a good dog and be nice. She really thinks all animals are"bad".

Anyhow, we just had another weekend with Geoff's parents. Lj was in adult-heaven! 4 of us attending to her every wish... (we should all be so lucky!! LOL!) We had a really nice weekend. Lj loves her Grandma and Grandpa. We got some really nice pictures but I have yet to download them to the computer. I'll post them later. I've missed a lot lately... Lexi's 18 month old birthday and our 6 month's anniversary with Lj but as always life happens. We never forget but still we have sickness and sadness and just life happening in general with a toddler. Going back to work is still an adjustment for all of us. We are getting there though and our little LJ is as precious as ever!

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Mike and Rhonda said...

Yes, little LJ is as precious as ever. Sorry that you have been through so much lately but very glad things are getting better.

mhsands said...

She is growing so fast... save me some kisses!