Saturday, August 01, 2009

Little Miss Mischievious!

This morning we awoke and began our day early.... we headed to Savannah to get Lexi some new shoes. Her sandals were too small and making her big toes red so we took advantage to the Stride Rite buy one get on 50% off sale. She went from a 3 1/2 shoe to a 4 1/2! Oh MY! All I have to say is her little body better start to catch up with those feet! Needless to say, Lexi loves her some shoes! This afternoon I had to sit in the floor with her changing from one new shoe to the next. (That gets old quickly!)

We also took our little precious one to get her first hair cut. She was NOT impressed. She started out in Daddy's lap and then wanted refuge from Mommy. We did manage to get some bangs cut and the back of her hair but we didn't force the issue.

Afterwards we went to the dreaded Wally-World and bought her a new doll. I've been wanting to get her a dolly for awhile now that she could "feed". This one has a pacifier, bottle, teddy bear and sippy cup. She loved her immediately and went into Mommy mode. It was so sweet to watch.

But then ... as we unpacked groceries we heard giggling ... and more giggling... so suspicious! When I peeked around the corner Lexi was sitting in the big chair with the ottoman with the biggest grin ever. I just watched as she found her way down and then began her journey UP again. Our little rascal did some trouble shooting and found out how she could use the toilet tissue paper as a stepping stool. She was so proud of herself for getting UP the chair and then going DOWN again. As we watched she got more and more brave and then began to go down the ottoman feet first! Yikes!!! Every time she hit the floor I looked for broken bones!!

We finally got her interested in her nighttime bottle and afterwards I gave her her first Keebler's Fudge Sandwich cookie... Ahhh ... heaven to an 18 month old! She gobbled it down! Finally, around 8:00 pm I began bedtime routine. She let me rock her to sleep and sing silly nonsense songs to her all about her day. These moments are the most precious of all. I kiss her sweet face and cuddle her so tight and just eat up me some "LJ time". Life does not get any more perfect than this. Every time someone new talks to us I PROUDLY let them know how we all became a family and how much I love her and what a blessing she is to our family.


mhsands said...

Look how little she looks in that chair! Wait until u walk in to find her on the kitchen counter... u'll freak 4 sure then! :)

Wanda and Geoff said...

I know it reminds me of "Edith Ann" from Hee Haw!