Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sorry no news lately...

It's been hard to make posts lately. Last Saturday we said "Good-bye" to Patches. Despite our love for Lexi and strong will to document our life with her, this whole experience has been hard for our family and it's hard to post when you grieve. Lj is fine although she is still adjusting to me going back to work. Seems change is not an easy thing for our family. Lexi is dealing with me returning to work and Geoff and I are really grieving for Patches. She did give us each a sweet gift on her last morning. She became "Licky Dog" for me for a few seconds as I said goodbye and clung to Geoff on the way to the vet. I know we will always second guess our decision but in the end, we know she is in a better place.

Thank you Carolyn and John for all you did to make the second half of day much easier.

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KRZeigler said...

I know how you are feeling and it's extremely hard! Just know that she is in a better place with no pain and chasing squirrels in puppy heaven along side of Darcey.

mimi's mommy said...

We are so sorry for you guys. We remember it all too well. We hope your memories will be your comfort.

Carol, Bill and Emily Rose