Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Christmas Star

Last week, Lexi brought home a paper star to decorate and bring back to preschool.  So last night we worked on decorating it.  I ended up using some of my scrapbooking materials and together we made a very cute ornament.  She was really into using the Modge Podge! She got really irritated with me when I cut her face out of a picture we had lying around.  She said, “That’s not nice Mommy!  That’s Lexi’s picture.  You cut Lexi out.”  It was funny. 


Then when Daddy come home, we had pizza.  She ate with her angel wings and halo on.  What a cute angel she is going to make next week! 

Then later in the evening, I read her The Elf of the Shelf book and we put him up in her Christmas tree. 

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