Thursday, December 09, 2010

Angel the Elf

I had a fun afternoon with Lexi yesterday.  After we got home she discovered her Christmas tree that is in the dining room had been the target of a very mischievous Elf.  (She named her Elf Angel the night before.)  Angel was left on the top of the tree the night before and he was still there but he had been a very busy Elf while we slept.  He must not have liked the way Lexi decorated her tree because he took almost all the ornaments off including the topper and put them in the floor! 

I wish I had it on video when she stood there and fussed at Angel!  She surely gave him a talking too!  She told him that he better not do that anymore! And then I helped her redecorate it.  Wonder what that little fellow will get into tonight!

After we finished cleaning up Angel's mess, we started making treats for Lexi's preschool class.  Today is our day for this month and since it's so close to Christmas, we make pretzel wreaths.  She did a great job helping her mommy!  I usually use the regular Christmas M&M's but when I went to Kroger to get the supplies all they had were the new Cherry Cordial flavor.  So I bought them not knowing that they were big!  Anyhow, they turned out nice.  She did not like the cherry licorice but she sure did like the almond bark on the pretzels!

I think next week we will make pretzel reindeer to send in just because.  Next week is our last week of school (both of us) before the Christmas holidays.  I can't wait to get some more time off!


Christie said...

Oh my! That is precious!! I can barely get laundry done - let alone UN-decorate a tree - I need some of your energy - ha!

Love the pretzel goodies...might need to share that recipe with us?

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

Christie, these are so easy to make. I have friends at work that can't wait to get theirs every Christmas.

White Almond Bark
Mini pretzels
Christmas M&M's
Pull-apart Cherry Twizlers
Wax Paper

Melt the almond bark in the microwave. (I usually only use a little at time.) Hold on to the top of the pretzel and dip it half way into the almond bark. I usually make a circle of 8 pretzels but since these were for 3 year olds I only used 6. Once you get the pretzels in a circle on the wax paper. You layer the next six on top of the bottom pretzels. You must center the pretzels between the ones below in order for them to overlap and hold firm. Once I do that I put on the M&M's and tie a bow out of the twizlers. I leave them sitting until the almond bark hardens and then bag them up. Easy Breezy!

Evelyn said...

these are fantastic, u come up with cutest ideas and they are so easy! might try this one before the holidays are over!