Wednesday, December 29, 2010

T’was A few Nights After Christmas…

Okay, so I know I missed posting about Christmas.  We’ve had so much fun with Lexi this year that we just could not find the time.  I wanted to the other day but found myself updating Windows Live Writer instead.  So here I am tonight.

I just pulled back the covers in the bed to take time to blog and what do I see… princess high-heels starring back at me!  But where is Lj???  She apparently left a calling card for us!  This morning I took her to SC to meet Ye Ye and Grandma Smith approximately halfway until we can join them this weekend.  I remember Lexi telling me this morning, “no shoes in the bed!”.  LOL!  She fooled me! 

So this afternoon I got a call from Grandma S asking me to be on the lookout for pictures in email.  Well, we got the cutest pictures!  And they all had the time of their lives this afternoon playing in real snow that was left over from Sunday!  On Sunday when we began to have some snow flurries, Lexi ran to get dressed warm and announcing that she wanted to build a snowman!  We laughed because we knew that the flurries would only last a little while. 

Today her wish was granted as she was able to make a snowman with Ye Ye and Grandma in SC.  They had just enough almost melted snow to make one poor pitiful snowman but to Lexi it was priceless. 


She was even able to throw a snowball or two…


Just look at our girl with her mittens so excited!


And then the mad little Lexi after she had to come inside and pitched such a fit that she landed in timeout on the stairs.   (she turned away from the camera when being documented! LOL!)


But later all was okay when she baked Christmas cookies with Grandma and even licked a few for good measure.


They called us tonight and the little she-devil told us immediately that she wanted us to come get her but then quickly ditched us to go play with Ye Ye.  She is such the manipulator!  I’m so worried about the damage that she will withstand until we get to her this weekend ----- NOT!  I’m not sure who will have the most fun, Lexi or Grandma and Ye Ye.  All I know is that in the background I could hear her singing in her microphone that she got from Santa… “old McDonald had a farm…”.

The sad thing is I think it is her Daddy that is suffering the worst!  He came home and turned on her newest favorite show “The Fresh Beat Band” and watched it as if she were home… uh-huh????  This gives new meaning to the age old question which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  In our case, the child or the parent?? Or perhaps it is just that children (as I’ve always thought) keep us young. 

And yes, we do miss her very much!

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Debbie Sauer said...

She's a cutie! Someday she will laugh when she sees her picture of being in timeout. We don't even have snow in Pennsylvania. The kids can hard wait, not me. I don't like the COLD. Blessings