Friday, December 10, 2010

More Adventures of Angel

Gosh, last night we got home late and ended up doing the dreaded fast-food dinner.  We ate dinner and then I took off to go turn the light off in my car.  (We had put it in the shop and after putting the key in the lock box, I realized I had left the interior light on.)  Well, after Lexi finished her dinner Geoff said she spotted Angel the Elf!  That little mischievous Elf had decided to prank Lexi again!  This time he took her pink high top shoes and put them on our Christmas Tree and he even sat in one of them.  Geoff said Lexi went nuts!  She wanted her shoes and she was not pleased with Angel.  I sure hope Angel starts to be a little nicer to her because she sure does not like it when he messes with her stuff! Geoff captured a few pictures.

 Just look at that face!  Talk about a little Drama Princess!

We really need to decorate the tree!  We bought it last Saturday but have been so busy this week, we never have found time to work on it.  Hopefully we can work on it tomorrow.  We are planning to take Lexi to the Christmas parade in town tonight.  We missed Santa's arrival in town along with his reindeer  this week because it was just too cold to bring Lexi out at night.  We've had some freezing cold weather this week!

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