Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Who Needs a Haircut??

Here she is… all washed, hair dry, clean pj’s and cutting up on the bed after Daddy got home.  Just look at that hair!!  She needs a visit to Mrs.. Cheryl so bad but I think she may be busy trying to keep her twins from making their arrival too early.  We will most likely have to find someone to help us out soon … someone who will NOT give her a “bowl” haircut and someone that Lexi will like.  (That’s asking a LOT!)

sept 004 

sept 007

sept 008

She thought it was hilarious to play with Daddy’s belt as he changed and I had to work hard to get some pictures.  The first one was this…

sept 001

Yea, she’s under there somewhere! 

This past weekend Lexi spent Friday through Monday afternoon with her Grandma and Ye Ye from Virginia while we went with Carolyn and John to Jacksonville for a beach weekend.  It was a success and I hope to post pictures taken by Grandma later this week.  I’d say I would post some of our weekend but neither Carolyn nor myself brought our camera since Lexi was not there.

This afternoon after we got home, Lexi and I went Monarch caterpillar hunting.  Just before I left work this afternoon I told Melaine that my caterpillar raising this year would not be as much as last year.  Well…. after collecting 42 caterpillars today, I take that back.  I just can’t resist.  And I’ve talked to Lexi’ s teacher and next week she will be bringing in some to teach the rest of the class about insects.  And to top it off as I collected caterpillars today in our backyard we saw another Monarch laying eggs, at Mom’s there were 3, and at school there was one.  I think baby “cats” will be a plenty.  Good news for the Monarch Caterpillar population.  Fun for Lj and me!


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