Friday, September 03, 2010

Another Week Escaped!

I’ve been told MORE than once that it was time to update our blog.The hard part is finding the time especially with this week!


Aug 307

Playing Hide and Go Seek!

Aug 311

Can you find LexI?


Aug 324

New Shoes!  Suddenly her foot grew and now she is  a 6!  It was a convenient time to buy shoes though.  We got 3 pairs for $25! 

Aug 320

Up close!  These are her new favorite! One day this week she INSISTED on wearing them to school even though they didn’t match her dress.  Oh, well!  2 year olds can make all the fashion faux pas they want.

Aug 350We had the pleasure of the boys and Sara coming over!

Lexi started the 3 days a week program at preschool this week.  It was a huge success!  She loves it and is learning by leaps and bounds!  She has a “new” teacher (the assistant is now her teacher and I couldn’t be happier!) She is wonderful!

Now Lexi is on her way to South Carolina.  Ye Ye and Grandma Smith came and I’m already in withdrawal!  I know she will be well cared for but we will miss our little sweetie.  (I already DO!) Hurry up weekend and get over!


Carolyn Smiley said...

I can't believe we are going without her! This is a first for me too. :( She will be in good hands, but still wish she was in MY hands! Well enough of that - lets go have a great time!!

mhsands said...

Cute dress!