Sunday, September 26, 2010

It finally happened…

Me and Lexi got “sick” at the same time.  Poor Geoff.  This month has just been brutal.  My computer was being repaired for two weeks and that slowed my posting and then taking care of Monarch’s has taken some of my time and then this week was the craziest of all.  On Wednesday, Mom told me on my way home that she wanted me to check Lexi’s temperature because she felt warm to her.  Well, as soon as I heard her voice, I KNEW!  She did have a 99 degree temp that night but nothing too awful.  She coughed occasionally but that was it until in the middle of the night.  Then her fever went up and she got up and got in bed with us. Let me just say she is not a good sleeping buddy!  That same evening, I was tending to the Monarch’s that have literally eaten almost EVERY leaf off of my plants in the backyard when my eyes began to itch.  I went inside washed my hands and started with eye drops.  As the night went on, my left eye got worse.  It was bothering me so bad that I just went to bed at 9:00.  When I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t see anything clearly out of that eye and it was still very painful.  With Lexi with a fever and me with a blind eye, I called out sick.  Motrin kept Lexi’s fever at bay but my eye just got worse.  I finally got to the eye doctor at 1:30 and by then I couldn’t read not one letter on the eye chart.  She numbed my eye and gave me two eye types of eye drops. 

That evening, Geoff came home to two sickly girls.  I would have never believed a hurt eye could take me down so hard!  Last year I got milkweed in the right eye but went to the eye dr. right away.  It wasn’t nearly this bad!  Of course Lexi was also getting worse.  Her fever went a little over 103 degrees and we began alternating Motrin and Tylenol.  We got it lower and put her to bed.  I went to bed right behind her.  Again, during the night, she got up with fever and got in our bed.  I really prefer her there when she is sick even if she is like sleeping with the Tasmanian Devil.

I called out sick again on Friday because she had kept us up even more that night and I was still having eye pain but my vision was getting better.  Of course when she got up she was not running a fever and ran around the house like she was just fine.  I couldn’t decide to call the Dr. or not.  I did finally call after she got up from her nap burning up with fever again.  And of course, at 2:30 on Friday afternoon, they couldn’t see her.  So we had another night of alternating Tylenol and Motrin and sleeping with Lexi.  So yesterday, we took her to the Dr. in Savannah.  Thank goodness our pediatrician’s office has weekend morning hours.   I was worried about her cough because she had begun to wheeze at night.  After they examined her she had an infected ear and it appeared that she was headed toward getting bronchitis.  She’s doing much better tonight after two days of antibiotic and they gave us something to give her for the cough for 2-3 days only.  So last night we all slept ALL NIGHT!!!

I knew the day would come when both Lexi and I would be sick at the same time and give Geoff a run for his money.  That night at 10:00 he was picking up fast food and going to the store for diapers and juice.  Now during Lexi’s sickness, we watched Snow White a gazillion times! She wanted to do nothing but watch it over and over.  Once she even told me “Mama, I want to watch it over and over and over again!”.  So on Saturday on the way home from Savannah, we stopped at the Richmond Hill Wal-Mart and found her Halloween costume.  Here’s a preview!

sept 090

And of course, as soon as we got home she had to wear her costume to do what?  Yep!  Watch Snow White AGAIN!  Looking at this picture, you’d never know she was sick! 

Here’s hoping for a nice, healthy, quiet week!

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