Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekends fly…

And doesn’t Lexi look fit for flight?  She should since she is wearing her stuffed Snoopy’s glasses.  That was yesterday.  I have to pause for a recap on her Friday….

Friday at breakfast at Mom’s…

   During breakfast Lexi tells Mom that she needs the paper so Mom gives her a part of  the paper.  Lexi turns the page and finds a Blackberry ad and proceeds to “push buttons”.  Mom asked her what she was doing and she said, “texting”.  Mom then asks her who she is texting and she says “Carolyn.  I LOVE her!”.

You can blow me over with a feather because we hardly ever “text” and do not talk about texting.  So… where does this come from??? 

Then later after we come home at the end of the day, I go outside looking for caterpillars and get all hot and sweaty.  I left Lexi inside away from the mosquitoes watching tv and when I came back inside start shedding clothes from being so sweaty in this HOT SOUTHERN humidity.  Lexi took one look at me and said, “Mama! You look like a monkey!”.  What???

And last night we went to a very good friend’s house for dinner where there were some others from work present with their children.  Lexi made fast friends with the older kids but the “one” that was her age just irritated her.  I guess it had something to do with their similar interests in Lexi’s toys and her interest in NOT sharing.  By the end of the evening, Lexi was in love with the twin boys and Macy.  She cried when she had to leave Macy.  

sept 025

sept 026

It was especially nice to see Lexi and Macy become friends since her Mommy and me were both striving to be a Mommy at the same time.  It just took us a little longer to be blessed but thank you Dear Lord, we are blessed!

Now today, we had a lot to do to get ready for the week.  Lexi got really ticked off when Smokey got in her bed to sleep after she ran him out of my bed.  Poor fellow, he just can’t get a break. 

This afternoon while I was preparing dinner, Lexi decided to do a little self-decorating. 

sept 028

Yes, she is still wearing the dress from last night that she insisted on wearing instead of the shorts outfit I picked out.   And after her bath insisted on putting on another dress… (she’ll probably wear it all day tomorrow too!)

And then after dinner we were feeding the caterpillars again.  She likes to look at them and says she wants to hold one until I take it out.  Then it’s a different story.  That’s okay… as long as she is not squishing them. 

sept 030 sept 033

We have learned this weekend that we probably have a LOT less milkweed than we need for all the caterpillars this year, so we are not rescuing anymore until they are huge.  I wish I had worked harder to grow more Milkweed this summer. Who knew?

But the funny thing was after taking our a caterpillar to look at closely and then putting it back, Geoff picked up Lexi and she said, “I go to work, and YOU stay home.”  Again… where does she get this stuff.  At least she understands the concept of work (at least sort of!)  It was quite funny. 

We tried potty training again today and she was mortified when she had an accident.  I pray that she will be potty trained by 3 but right now, I’m betting on 6! 

sept 035

And yes, we did get a fresh haircut on Friday.  It’s a little too fresh for me but that’s how it goes… and here we go on the eve of another Lj week!

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