Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is there a ransom call coming??

These pictures were taken yesterday while Lexi waited impatiently for her Aunt Carolyn to come pick her up. 

march 11 066

march 11 071

march 11 069

march 11 075

She was going to stay with her while Daddy worked and Mommy went to the dentist.   After my appointment, Carolyn was in no way ready for her to go and wanted her spend the night.  So I relented.  Well… here it is Sunday afternoon and still no Lexi.  Carolyn WAS SUPPOSED to bring her back home but now I’m wondering if she is  going to call with a ransom amount! 

I know Lexi and Carolyn, Brittney and John have enjoyed her but I’m ready for our little fire cracker to come home!

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