Saturday, March 05, 2011

Calling it now… she’s an entertainer!

Everyday our little Lexi continues to amaze us!  Her character comes out more and more!  Just this afternoon I was talking to Sara on the phone and she said, “she sure is loud!”.  Yea… that’s our girl!  Loud and proud! Our day began with “nuggling” in bed after Daddy went to work and then we ate Fruit Loops and watched Caillou.  What toddler wouldn’t love that! 

Once we finally got out of bed, I began to try to clean up the house that badly needed some floors worked on.  As soon as I pulled out the vacuum cleaner I had an unwelcome attachment … Lexi Jayne!  I asked her to please go play and she turned and walked away … complete with shrunken’ shoulders, dropped arms and head walkin’ away from me… AND, YES it broke my heart!  I couldn’t help but ask her to come back and give her a hug … and kiss… and finish vacuuming with her on my hip. 

She later resisted nap-time and then took an almost 3 hour nap!  Needless to say this gave us plenty of extra energy compliments of Lj. 

When her Daddy got home from working tax-season hours, she met him at the car and he had bought her a $5 bouquet of flowers at Kroger.  When she saw them she let out a big gasp and then when he gave her the flowers she said “WHY THANK YOU!” and did her usual bow as Geoff in returned said “Your welcome!”  It was priceless!

Then as Geoff cooked dinner we did the bath thing and then ate dinner.  She immediately wanted down but we made her sit and talk with us for   some family time.  After dinner she decided to go on a quest for her doll house babies’ Mommy and Daddy… when we couldn’t find them she decided that Yeye and Grandma must have taken or hidden the dolls last weekend when they were visiting.  it was hilarious to listen to her ask Grandma on the phone where she hid her Mommy and Daddy. 

We finally found them in her Minnie Mouse Pocketboook!  Then she and I had to sing the babies to sleep and then make the Mommy and Daddy be “quiet” after the babies went to sleep. 

All in all the day was super fun but our little Lexi is quite the challenge!

Here is my lame attempt to get her to reenact the flowers with Daddy… he was trying to cook dinner for us and at the point of the video she just wanted her Daddy to take a picture of me and her.  This child is amazing.  If I have to say so myself!


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