Friday, March 25, 2011

Boo-Boo Friday

For the last month, Geoff has been playing basketball on Thursday nights.  Last night Geoff hurt his foot while guarding and sort of rolled on the side of his foot.  Of course, Mr. Macho Man didn’t tell anyone and continued to play.  By the time he got home his foot was red in one spot, swollen, and hurting.   By this morning, it was worse looking.  He finally got into to see an orthopedic dr. late this afternoon.  Dr. Wanda was right once again… he has a fractured bone.  Turns out he has some hollow places in his bones in his left foot and the break was in one of them.  So Mr. Macho man is now Mr. Hobble-Foot with his foot in a boot. 

So while we waited for him to get home, Lexi scratched a mosquito bite until she made it bleed.  She then of course HAD to have a band-aid for her boo-boo.  She is such a little drama queen.  So when Daddy came home we took boo-boo pictures.






And to top off this crazy Boo-Boo Friday, I have some kind of rash on my face that is red, itchy and spreading. I’ve had it on and off for a month or so but today it kicked up into high-gear and has spread all afternoon.    I guess I’ll be the next one to go to the dr.  

Geoff sure is a trooper though.  Even with his fractured foot, he went out to Mom’s a while ago to retrieve "Blankie”.  We had left “him” there and Lexi was missing him.  We tried to get her to spend one night without him and sleep with her pink blanket but she just told Geoff, “this is not Blankie”.  Then when he was tucking her in for bed said “Will Nana take good care of Blankie?”.   After all that and my face burning and itching like mad and nothing to put on it, he decided to go get me some medicine to help ease.  That’s a really great Daddy!  I don’t know what Lexi, Blankie, and I would do without him!



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KRZeigler said...

Hope Jeff is not in a boot as long as my mom! She broke her foot 8 weeks ago and they told her Friday - 4 more weeks in the boot!