Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Blankie Story

When we noticed how attached Lexi was to her blanket early on, we bought a back up.  We learned this trick the hard way with Sable and her toys.  So Lexi has a Blankie at Mom’s and one at our house.  One morning this week, she told mom “My Blankie misses me.”  Mom told her that she couldn’t got get it because my niece is visiting and she was sleeping in the room with Lexi’s crib.  So Lexi was okay with that … for a while.  Then she comes up with “Nana, my Blankie is crying.  He’s crying!  He misses me!”.  It’s so funny how she talks to “him”.  I don’t suppose she’ll ever need an imaginary friend as long as she has Blankie. 


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