Tuesday, May 16, 2006

8 Days of school to go and a brown envelope!

You know the last few weeks of school has always driven me crazy. There are too many deadlines and too many panicky thoughts of not doing everything I wanted to with my kids. Inevitably, I always gave in at some point and just let "time" do its thing and relent that I am one person who can only do so much. I thought that I'd avoid this feeling this year since I'm teaching teachers instead of students. Well, that's just not the case. I have a banquet for the teachers that I worked with this year tomorrow and wanted to do all kinds of "extra" things but I just can't do it! The end of the school year is just as crazy as it ever was working with students. The only differenc is that my "students" are now teachers. To add to my load, I began working with 16 NEW technology teachers last week. I wish I could clone myself! (only maybe could I be a skinner version next time??) You can tell I'm overloaded because yesterday we got the infamous brown envelope from China and I didn't even post! I went to bed early instead (even though my mind still wouldn't shut down and let me sleep). The Brown Envelope is the notification from the US Consulate in Guangzhou letting us know that they have received our paperwork from the USCIS (immigration). It contains MORE paperwork that must be done to get Lexi here. It's great to know that someone in China knows we are coming, even if they don't know exactly when. So maybe once next week is over I can relax. I had a training session today with the new teachers and my supervisor walked in just before I was about to continue after a short break and told me that I have to present at technology showcase next Tuesday (can you tell how thrilled I am …. especially since I have more training on Monday). All I can say is "I give up!!" Time wins! The next 8 school days will come no matter what I do. If I think positively, I can say we'll be just that much closer to Lexi. I have until June 9th in this job and then I've taken the position of computer lab teacher at my school for next year. (I just can't seem to stay away from the kids!) So as I said, I give up!! I will do what I have to do and be done with it. I will do what I have to do…. I will do what I have to do… I will… I will ... I ...

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Shannon S said...

Happy Brown Envelope Day!
As my principal always says at this time of year, "You can do anything for ___ days/hours." 8 days? Nothing to it! Try and enjoy despite the craziness!