Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Wishes and Surprises!

I've totally been slack with posting this week. I'm not even sure where the week went. I think it was Tuesday of this week that I was on my way back to school from lunch and was thinking of the quilt and which wish to scrapbook next. I was almost there and the words just started flowing in my head of what to say for Elisa's fabric (my teacher friend that just passed). It was amazing! Just words just "hit" me so I grabbed a pen and the back of a piece of paper and started writing my thoughts (as safely as possible I might add). When I came home, I sat down and wrote them out. My friend Nikki at work is going to help me make her page later this month. I'll share it when I'm done. I guess I'm just thankful that God gave the right words to say. Usually, I get my brainstorms in the shower... not driving down the road.

I have some new things to share. Last Saturday, my dear friend Samantha and her husband Dan sent us a package with Lexi's fabric. I was totally immersed in writing my dissertation so I didn't allow myself to post. (I've got to run with it when the mood hits!) I literally worked all day and up until about 9:00. Anyhow, here is what they sent.

Ever the teacher and advocate of women, Samantha sent a book about a little girl in China who wanted to go to college like the boys in her family. It's based on a true story and is a real girl power story! She also sent me some scrapbook stickers about adoption. One day soon, I'll post the poem included. It was really touching! Samantha and Dan are expecting "little Dan" in August. I'm planning to go to Atlanta in June to spend a little less than a week with them and she and I are going to SCRAPBOOK UNTIL WE DROP! She even sent me a birthday gift card to Archiver's in Atlanta to make sure I come (we don't have Archiver's here). Poor Dan! At least he'll have full control of the remote control for 5 days!
And of course, this is their page that they sent for Lexi. (Oops! The teacher in Samantha agrees with my sister Carolyn and spelled her name with an "e". We'll fix this in June!)
And this is fabric from Geoff's Aunt Holly and Uncle Phil in Maryland. Holly is going to send their page later. She also shares our love of Gymboree.

I don't have a clue how many pieces of fabric we have. I've lost count but I know we have at least 100. I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

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