Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Finally, the worst of the school year is over! I made it through the Technology Showcase AND the training for our new teachers today. Talk about a sigh of relief!! I actually fixed dinner for Geoff tonight (it's only been about a week and a half). Last night after a LONG day and even longer Monday, I showered, sat in the recliner and let my toes "uncurl" from my dress shoes, and then went to bed right after 8:00 PM. I still have school related duties until June 10th but the rest is easy compared to the last two weeks. This weekend, we are going to Orlando with Carolyn and John and another couple for some R&R. We promised John the entire time he was in Iraq that we would do something once he was home. The guys have plenty of golf planned while us women will soak up some sun. I know my legs could certainly use some color! On the adoption front, no news really. There are "rumors" again of an extended long wait (specifically 18 - 24 months). I still believe that the wait will be 12 months to referral and then 2 months until travel. This means next April. One thing I'm learning is to expect a long wait and to be patient because there is NOTHING we can do about the wait. Our agency hasn't confirmed long waits yet but within their weekly updates, you can just tell it is really getting longer. Next week, they plan to tell us what to do about renewing immigration paperwork because it is only good for 18 months (I think this is correct). I guess if I have to focus on something "good" about the wait is that a longer wait makes it appear that things truly are getting better for the girls in China. It also means that maybe between now and travel time for us, oil costs will change. Right now airline fees to China are about $600 per person MORE than it was when we began our adoption process. That's just outrageous! With all indications being negative for Chinese adoptions lately, certainly things WILL turn around for us in the future. That's my HOPE and PRAYER and I'm sticking to it!!

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