Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's been busy around here!!

So I haven't posted since last Friday. There is a reason for this and it all began last Friday! Geoff and I got a phone call about 12:30 Friday (Saturday morning)from my sister, Carolyn. It seems she fell asleep watching TV and when she woke up her eyes were really dry. So she reached over and grabbed what she thought was eye drops and proceeded to put them in her eye. Well, it turned out to be fingernail glue (aka... super glue!). She spent the night in the ER with her eyelids glued shut and ended up on Saturday morning at the Ga. Eye Institute (after Geoff and I drove her there). Guess what they do when you accidentally put glue in your eye????? They cut off your eye lashes and WAIT! So here it is Wednesday and FINALLY her eye is open. NEWS FLASH: You can put super glue in your eye and NOT damage your eye. However, you DO have to let the glue wear off. The funny part is my brother in law, John who arrived safely from Iraq on Monday. I warned my sister that he would have something smart to say and he did NOT let me down. We hadn't even left the eye institute and he called on his way back from Ireland. Carolyn explained what had happened... these are a synopsis of his comments:
~ Better get yourself some dark sunglasses Helen Keller.... You can use Peedee (their Jack Russell Terrier) as you seeing eye dog . . . Try to keep yourself together until I get home or shall I say "apart!". And once he got home he teased and teased her about looking like a Gecko! He keeps us laughing that's for sure!

So the moral of the story is.... do not keep eye drops anywhere near your nail glue. The containers are soooooo similar you can't tell the difference if you don't look carefully!

As I said before, John arrived home on Monday safe and sound. I haven't ever been to a homecoming ceremony until now and it was totally COOL! It was awe inspiring to see all of those men who have risked their lives for our freedom. I was so proud of everyone and of course my brother in law was a sight for sore eyes! We had a family welcome home dinner for him that evening. This is what life is really about... enjoying our family and all of the blessings we have from above. Welcome back John!! And Carolyn... congrats on finally prying your eye open!!! Now... throw out that nail glue!!!


Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

I'm glad to hear that John arrived home safely. That was an awful story about Carolyn. I can't imagine how that would feel, but I'm glad to hear shes okay and now has her eye open.

Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you know that fake eyelashes only come in sets of top lashes! Needless to say I need to stay away from glue around the eyes!!! Carolyn

Shannon S said...

Wanda, Please tell John welcome home and thank you! As for Carolyn...crazy stuff, but what a great story!! =) =)Hope she is feeling better!