Friday, May 19, 2006

Sleeping.... working.... and traveling....

I sort of had a better night last night. I was able to go to sleep before midnight! I've been in "hyper-drive" for the past couple of days trying to get this technology showcase together. Gateway is supposed to be pretty much doing the entire thing but somehow it has landed in all of our laps! By Sunday night, I'll be fretting to get my presentation completed. (Is June 9th here yet????) Tomorrow I am going to go scrapbooking with my group. I plan to get Elisa's page completed with my friend's (Nikki) help. She's so talented! I'll certainly post the completed page and the wonderful story her fabric told.

Geoff and I are also planning a Memorial Day Weekend-get-away with Carolyn and John. They have invited along another couple. Do you know how hard it is to get 3 couples to agree on what to do for a weekend? It's next to impossible. I have come to think that basically everyone starts to agree to just get some plans made! So basically, the "guys" will be going golfing at Disney World and the "girls" will be going to theme parks or sunning by the pool. We had tickets to "the phantom of the Opera" in Jacksonville next weekend but we gave them up to go with my sister and John after his return from Iraq. Of course, I made our Music teacher very happy to get tickets for free. We're not the only ones giving up tickets. Carolyn and John had tickets to see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. We'll have a great time no matter what. (See how different we two sister are??)

On the adoption news.... none. However, there are "rumors" that the process in China is extending to 18 to 24 months. I REFUSE to take part in these "new" rumors. I have to say... I've learned patience during this process. I know it will happen and I faithfully believe that it will not be any longer than next Spring before we go to China. We will go get our daughter and we will be ready for her when that day arrives!