Thursday, March 29, 2007

... counting up???

Yesterday marked the 13th month of official waiting. I sure hope when referrals come out (hopefully next week) that the wait will hold at 18 months. Our agency says it will likely get longer. I'm hoping that it will just stay. Imagine if it would. It would mean a referral in September. That would be nice. Although, I'm kind of thinking our referral will not come until October. I can handle that. We will have lots to be thankful for at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I Hope. At work we have to change our passwords every 90 days. I've been playing with words. I've been "wishful", "hopeful", and was really hoping that by the end of the school year I could be "thankful". With the extended wait, I may have to try out "patiently" or "justdarntiredofwaiting". Oh, the things I do to amuse myself as we wait.

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