Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This and That . . .

So what's been going on. Blogging gets boring when the wait last forever. I continue to blog because I want to remember everything we did as we waited for Lexi. How we prepared, how we longed for her, the ups and even the downs because all of it will be a part of how our family begins. Our agency now says that the wait is at 18 months. They also say it is likely to get a bit longer before it's over. We will find our way to her though and hopefully it will be in 2007.

School will get out soon. We have about 43 days to go. Yippie! The sooner summer break comes and goes, the sooner we will be getting closer to going to get Lexi. In the meantime, we're trying to decide on a trip for the summer. We are leaning pretty hard towards heading to New Orleans to meet some more people from our Precious Pandas January DTC Yahoo group. It's so much fun meeting all of these wonderful people. When we first started the adoption, we kept thinking that we couldn't splurge on any trips but now that the wait just gets longer, it gets harder to justify putting everything on hold. We've made so many new friendships and added to our support system. It's really nice and I really love everyone we have met.

Geoff and I have been making some changes as well. I've been getting up early (yes, ME) and while I get ready for work, he cooks breakfast. It's a nice way to start the day and I find that I don't get hungry until it's time for lunch. We enjoy having nice breakfasts on Sunday mornings and now we're doing it every morning. This is just one of the things we can do to help us get used to having a baby in the house.

Every since I went to the dentist last week, I've had so much an easier time sleeping. He made me a stint for my mouth to stop me from clinching. When I feel myself starting to clinch, I put it in and I can't do it. After stopping the vicious clinching cycle, my sleeping is improving. The downside is that when I put it in, I can't enunciate my words completely and end up sounding like a 3 year old. It's particularly hard to say words with the "s" and "sh" sound. Geoff finds this very funny and begs me to say "suffering succotash" all the time. I find the whole thing comforting but annoying at the same time. Whatever it takes to make it better.

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