Monday, March 12, 2007

Grandma... I'm Lovin' it!!

Sara went with me today to an appointment in Savannah. Then we had another mother-daughter day. Just how much time can two future mom's spend shopping? A LOT! I bought Sara lunch and after we finished she went to the restroom. After she had been gone a little too long, I started to worry. When she finally came back her eyes were teared up and her face was red. I knew immediately something was wrong. Apparently, lunch didn't settle well with her and came back up as quickly as I paid for it! :-) Poor thing! She still has days of "morning sickness". I bought Brennen his first complete Gymboree outfit complete with overalls, shirt, socks, bib and hat. Too cute! Then we made the mistake of going by my favorite local scrapbooking store where I purchased his first scrapbook to match his nursery. Now I will find some time to make him his first scrapbook. Finally, on the way home we stopped by Target where I got the biggest chuckle. Sara had to buy a size medium bathing suit! The suits must have been sized wrong because the shorts she got were XS. I think there IS a conspiracy among bathing suit makers to make every single woman in the world feel awful about herself no matter how small she is. How else can an XS woman go to a Medium that quickly? Sara's tummy is getting bigger but she is all tummy. I absolutely love watching her grow and couldn't be more proud. I can't wait until Lexi can meet Brennen. Heck... we can't wait to meet Lexi!

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