Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just Ducky Secret Pal!

Wow! Our secret pal struck again. This month is reveal month and the theme was bathtime. First of all . . . Thanks AMY!! for all of the wonderful gifts you have sent over the months. Amy out-did herself this month! The entire package was themed around ducks and then she said she moved into chicks after Easter items began to appear. I love both ducks and chicks. As a teacher, I've hatched both in the classroom with my former 2nd graders. Ducks were always the cutest because they imprint and will follow you anywhere once they see you and think you are their mommy. (Oops, I digress!)

Anyhow, the package was filled with all kinds of ducky, chicky kinds of things. .. two ducky frames, ducky blanket, ducky tag-blanky, rubber ducks, ducky bath scrunchy, jelly beans in a ducked shaped tray, two board books, bath mit, duck hair barettes, ducky bath towel, duck stuffed animal that quacks, bubbles, and all kinds of sweet smelling baby oils, lotions, shampoo, powder, and body wash.

Sable really loves the stuffed duck. Oh, she would so love to play with it. Her favorite dog toy is a duck that she has had for probably 3 years or more. She's loved it to shreads! When I showed her the duck, she went nuts. And the fact that it quacks makes her even more insane. She's got to learn that Lexi's toys aren't her toys so she may as well begin now. :-)

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