Friday, April 17, 2009


The sniffles have come to the Smith household... all three of us now but it began with Lexi. Poor baby has sneezed and sneezed for the past 3 days. Yesterday she ran an low grade temperature. So far we're keeping it at bay. So... here's a story from today in pictures.

"Mommy my nose is stuffy and it's getting all red like Rudolphs."

"This is just what you need baby girl!"

"Thank you Mommy, I think I'll try!"

"That's much better Mommy!


Tracy said...

Yes, the Boogie Wipes are great...heard about them through Dell!! They manage to soften the blow a little...

Linda said...

Cute story for a cute little girl.. She looks so happy!!! Linda

hiltonsheadeast said...

LOL Where in the world did you find "Boogie Wipe"? We need them around here this week. Too funny ....she's just the cutest.