Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Fun!



Mommy's Sugar Baby!

Eyes of Wonder! (Or is it ... "Daddy... this is a sale flyer for Gymboree! They have the cutest outfits for me!!" *sigh*** Daddy loves to spoil his baby Lexi! Of course Gymboree always has a sale!)

Lexi and I had a fabulous morning today! It was like magic! We sang, danced, played and just loved each other to the hilt. Then naptime... the opposite child woke up cranky, moody, and just fussy. I chalked it up to cutting 5 teeth at once and just kept on a-going. We met Geoff at the church for our first family photo. Lexi did a wonderful job (or was it a fabulous photographer??). Our first photo was the one we chose. She has the cutest expression on her face! We didn't plan to order a family picture other than the free one they give you for showing up to be a part of the church directory. But Lexi's Daddy got sucked in... we now have a nice canvas family portriate coming! It will be awesome above the mantel.

After we got home, I could not resist trying to get some photos of her in her little dress. The pictures were some of my favorites. She was in not the best of moods so I couldn't get all smiles but they are Lexi. Not always smiling, sometimes serious, sometimes full of wonder, and sometimes cranky! But always lovable!

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Stephe said...

Your little sugar baby looks just too cute in that dress! I can't wait to meet that sweet thing!! Stephe