Monday, April 06, 2009

Back to Work is Bitter-Sweet!

Ahhh... today was THE day! It's only been a month since we've been home and I had to return to work. I really, REALLY thought long and hard about trying to take another week off (after all, next week is our Spring Break!) but decided with the love and care of my Mother that I would give it a go.

I was ready (SURPRISINGLY!) by 6:30 to leave for work... yet I still clocked in two minutes late even though Lexi Jayne was still sleeping. I just didn't want to leave. I made my first call to Mom after my first class around 8:50 or so... she was up and had eaten breakfast. She listened to me talk to her on the phone and even held her own hand to the phone (mom says) to act as if she had her own phone. She knew who I was!! She smiled!! Mommy got a little "baby juice"! (I'll explain that term later in another post)

I didn't call again until my lunch break around 12:00. (Keep in mind, I was updating Geoff when I called both times to keep mom from having to talk to BOTH of us!! LOL!) She was sleeping just like normal! She is a little time clock! Her routine is easy to follow right now. I know it will change but for now, I know her just as sure as the sun rises and sets.

So this afternoon, as soon as I could leave I headed to the dog groomer to pick up Sable and Patches who were in for a long overdue doggie hair cut day. I brought them home but couldn't resist calling mom to tell her I was on my way. I told her that no way were the dogs going to interfere with my first day coming home to LJ and that they were going to be made to stay in the car until I came and got me some LJ sugar! I actually drove in the garage and they were so busy playing that they did not hear me so when I came in I surprised them. Lexi looked at me and grinned and then came to Mommy! Now after many, many years of hearing that stupid song from Lionel Richie "Dancing on the Ceiling" and even Geoff's previous version of me "falling through the ceiling" during the wait did the original words make sense... I could have danced on the ceiling at her wanting her Mommy! She is such a sweetie!!

Mom gave me the update from the day and then left us alone to continue our bonding. She and I played and played. After awhile I brought out a toy that was just given to me today from a sweet friend at work. It was in Lexi's words a "night, night" toy. It plays music like the little lamb in her crib that Sara gave us years ago. Taking into consideration her routine, I listened to her and put her in her crib with the new "night, night" toy and she quickly took her afternoon nap. And so did Mommy... after all, it was a short night as I anticipated going back to work!

Later she woke up and I got her up and we played and danced in the kitchen. Then she ate dinner. Making great eye contact with me as she ate. More "mommy juice!" and then after a bath, Daddy came home! She loves it when daddy comes home!! After some daddy time she wanted more Mommy and then more daddy ... we took turns until bedtime when it was MY turn to tuck her in. She went down easily as usual and we began to recharge for tomorrow... packing lunches.... cleaning floors... replacing toys for new ones... planning... and planning and having some mommy/daddy down time.

I could not have asked for a more PERFECT first day back to work. I know I owe so much to my Mom for making it a great day for LJ. We all did good! And now, I have to head to bed and get ready for day two... day two... ahhhh... Come on Spring Break!! Mama misses family leave already!!

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