Wednesday, July 22, 2009

18 Months Old!

Wow! It's hard to believe Lexi is a year and a half old! We had to pull out a new outfit and play dress up for this one! This is one of the Gymboree outfits that we bought her during the wait. It's a little big on her but it's just adorable as she is!

Today she had a very special babysitter! I had an eye appointment and since my sister is newly unemployed, I asked her to come stay with LJ. They had a ball. Carolyn took her for a walk, read books with her, played outside on her swing and slide and then rocked her to sleep in the swing out back. After I got back, we decided to take her to eat lunch at Applebee's and when we got back we played some more in the backyard. Carolyn didn't want to leave her. We have plans for the weekend with Carolyn and John so she will get a good dose of Lexi.

Lexi did better today. She woke up acting more like our herself and didn't cry and fuss like she has been doing. BIG PROGRESS! She was a bit fussy tonight but then she does tend to get fussy in the evenings. She let me rock her to sleep for her 2nd nap and tonight at bedtime. I love rocking her and I think she is beginning to like it too. It's great cuddle time for both of us. There's nothing so sweet as cuddling a sleeping child and of course it is awesome bonding time.


mhsands said...

Could eat her up! Happy to "hear" LJ is bouncing back. Her hair is getting so long!

Shannon said...

18 months already? Such a cutie! That outfit is adorable and she takes such wonderful photos! =)

Anonymous said...

I loved staying with her! The absolute best part of that day was rocking her to sleep. I could have held her forever.....I kept kissing that sweet little forehead. She has stolen my heart a long time ago. I love you Lexi Jayne! Love, Aunt Carolyn