Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 4th Family Fun!

Today was such a fun day! I can't wait to scrapbook all the memories! We spent the day at my sister Carolyn's home. My sister Shirley from NC came down for this special day. It's so hard to get the entire family together but today we almost managed to do it! The only one missing was Zack (Shirley's son). Shirley was here with 3 of her 4 kids along with her dear hubby Chris and their grandbaby Braydon. Her daughter Kimberly and her husband Jason came down with their son, Tyler.

Of course Carolyn's crew and mine were there along with Mom, Dad and Richard. We had a great 4th of July Feast and played in the pool! It was totally awesome. One thought that kept coming through my mind all day was it's Independence Day and I'm so thankful we live in a free country but also, finally Geoff and I are "free" of the wait to have Lexi finally home! I dressed her up in her 4th of July outfit and she was the most "All American" looking one of us! She was too cute!

My Two Sweethearts...

My TWO daughters... Gosh I waited a long time to be able to say that!

My sister, Shirley and her daugher Allyson. Allyson is a beauty! (Short story here... I wanted Allyson so badly when she was born. Shirley had to have surgery right after she was born and the recovery was 6 weeks so I kept her during that time. I wanted Shirley to give her to me! I use to take her out shopping and would just beam with a motherly love when people would tell me how pretty she was. I never let them know that she was not mine! Now she's 18! And still beautiful!)

3 of the 5 Great Grandson's! (John-Micheal, Braydon, and Joshua) along with Kelly.

Shirley's Grandson, Braydon! What a cutie!

Our Christopher Evan! My how he is growing! This was his first time in the pool!

Brennen with Chris. I just love this picture!

The Grill Master... Charlie
Me... the happy Daughter, Mom, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Grammy!
And the precious parents who are ultimately the source of this Fun Family Day... we are so blessed!
Even Buster enjoyed the day...
Thanks Carolyn and John for hosting such a wonderful family event! It was awesome!

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Anonymous said...

It was a great day for sure! The only regret was not having Zach here! Wish he could have got off work. I can't remember the last time we had this many of us together at one time. And John wasn't deployed to some foreign country either!! We need to start planning for the next family get together! Carolyn

mhsands said...

That LJ is just the cutest ever! We have her a little surprise for her from the mountains. CUSoon!