Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Corn Dogs!

Lexi had her first whole corn dog today! I know... not really a big deal but all the other times she has had one, we cut it up. Today it was "have at it"! She really enjoyed it but I couldn't resist teasing her dad. He has never had one! Imagine that! Well, I'm sure Lexi will share with him anyday!

Our day was still pretty tough. The day is full of ups and downs. As long as I hold LJ or sit in the floor with her everything is fine but take a step otherwise she just goes into a fuss. She has picked on the animals at every chance which drives me crazy because you can't blame a cat for scratching you if you pull their tail over and over. As soon as I get her to move on, she moves to the dog and pulls their ears or pinches their nose. It's almost as if she is doing things she knows not to do just to get attention. When she trips on her own feet, instead of getting right up as she usually does, now she acts like she can't move a muscle and is overly dramatic. I know this is how many toddlers act but to go through it every second of the day is HARD after having reached a point where we were doing so well. The only thing I've managed to do all week so far is wash some dishes. LJ is back to sitting on my feet and pushing me around to get me where she wants me. Geoff has taken over since he got home. It definately takes TWO in our household! Two adults vs. one baby! Oiy!! Not once would I ever say our struggles are not worth it. I'd do it all over again and multiply it but it is the hardest job I've ever had! At this point, naptime is a Mama's best friend! I love LJ dearly but a break is a break! This mornings nap allowed me to get a bath!

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sfennell said...

Wanda hang in there I am positive it will get easier. Would you like to meet at McDs in H-ville on Thursday? I have a dentist apt. and maybe LJ would enjoy a play date? But I understand if you think not. Call me!

monica said...

Wanda, I know how exhausting it is. Jasmine is so attached to me and clings to me, watches my every move at home. It's finally started to ease up a little after almost a year at home and she can even ignore me for good periods of time and play, also very creatively and enthusiastic. We've certainly had many, many ups and downs since coming home. Keep up the great parenting and you're right, it's definitely a team effort. Love, Monica

mhsands said...

How do you become an adult and never have eaten a corn dog? Take that man to Krystals... they have the best!!!

Shannon said...

I hear ya on the naps! These little cuties sure have endless energy! Going through the pet picking on as well. My pups are spending their days up on or under my bed hiding from Ellie! Who can blame them?! =)