Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Yikes! It's July 1st Already!

I can't believe July 1 is here already! June flew by and I know July will as well and then... back to work! That means less time with Lexi and more stuff to pack into each day! Lexi and I went shopping today. We needed to go grocery shopping in the worst way! We ran errands for about 3 hours! Each time I put her in the carseat she says "hot, hot". She knows how hot it is now and that the buckles on the carseat get hot. We saw what we guessed was a "thug" get chased down by 3 soldiers and tackled in the parking lot of the bank. Then saw the police and ambulance come. Wonder what the rest of that story is??

So can anyone tell me WHY kids love the scream in large stores? Lexi loves to squeal at the top of her lungs in WalMart and Kroger. It's totally embarrassing yet cute at the same time. It's a wonder she doesn't shatter glass when she does it. No amount of asking her not to do it works. LOL! Mom says it's because of how the sound carries in those stores. She's probably right but I think these little kids know something we don't!

On the way home, I cleverly decided to feed my child some junk food. I knew I had a trunk full of food and a little one that would not want to be put down. So we headed to the McDonald's for a tea for me and a Happy Meal for LJ. I ordered her juice and now that she can use a straw I got her Apple Juice. This strategy worked like a charm as I strapped her in the high chair and unloaded the car. Once I had everything done, I gave her the juice. She was so excited and was doing so well until I turned my head for ONE SECOND and like magic... the juice multiplied as she squeezed it out! She was covered in juice and of course so was the floor beneath her!

During our dinner, Geoff cleverly (see we ARE getting better at this parenting thing!) gave Lexi the junk mail to play with. I couldn't resist getting up to take a few pictures of her when she laid down on her boppy but the second she saw me, she got up and began to pose! Cheeser!

After dinner, I asked her to show me where the caterpillars were and she did so we looked at how much they have grown and talked about butterflies. Then as it neared bedtime and she got cranky it dawned on me... she is becoming more and more like a "regular child". I don't mean this in any derogatory way. Lexi spent the first year of her life in an orphanage following their schedule with little choices. She conformed. I can tell this from how easily she has followed a daily routine and from how she would behave when we changed her diapers when we first got her. We'd lay her down and the legs would go straight up... not wiggling. Well, tonight she really pitched a fit at bedtime. She wanted to fuss so much and yet wanted to blow me kisses so I got crying and kisses at the same time. It took her about 15 minutes to settle down and go to sleep. And then the rest of my day began... cleaning up and mopping floors etc... The days of summer will escape us too soon.

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Anonymous said...

Brennen does the same thing in Wal-Mart! And you know how LOUD he is!!

sfennell said...

A Happy Meal can definately save the day.