Friday, July 31, 2009

Super Power Lexi!

Okay today our little precious LJ showed us some of her personality. This afternoon she insisted on wearing her big bib that we use for meals but ALSO her smaller bib for bottles. She flipped the big big around to rest on her shoulders and then spent the rest of the afternoon being "Super Baby!". This child cracks me up!

Super Power Lexi! I'll get you with my "cheese-ball" evil grin!!!

"Oh, but Mama... it's dinner time!" Super heros need lots of food...

Who can resist this face???

"Mommy, pleeeassseeee.... give me some dinner"...

" I might be able to climb my way up..."

"Oh... is that my Dada coming come??"
By the way the big red spot on her cheek is from a mosquito bite from the night before. She really reacts terribly to mosquitoes and we worry constantly because some of them really swell and then leave scars on her. We really watch when they bite her on her face. This one got her while we were putting things back in the garage after I cleaned it this week. Suddenly this week I realized that summer break was almost over and I cleaned and cleaned like a tornado! It's the spiders that drive me nuts! They are everywhere here in the summer!! I started with the back porch and then made my way to the front porch and garage. We are for NOW winning the spider war but ..... it does not take much to lose the battle. I swear I cloroxed "Shelob" from the Lord of the Rings! It will be a wonder if I don't have nightmares!

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KRZeigler said...

Love the first pic!!! I think she's got the sumo wrestler stance down pat!!!! Watch out for she comes!!! She's just precious. It looks like she's getting back to her normal self. Gotta love those faces she makes!